Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Cool tat, Kaylea!!
Visiting with the clown
Kaylea has an appointment tomorrow with the ENT. They are suppose to let us know their reasoning for wanting to put in a trach. I'm still not for this option, but we will at least find out what they have to say and find out what it would entail and our options. I am hoping the hospital won't drop her as a patient if we do not have the trach put in, but we will deal with that issue, if it becomes an issue.

Kaylea is doing exceptionally well and tolerating the procedure better than expected. She is up to 15 lbs of traction. She will have pictures taken Friday to compare to the ones taken last Wednesday before her surgery. THEN....we should be able to bring her home over the weekend!! WAHOO!!! A whole week early!!! Which means she shouldn't miss any school, except they aren't expecting her. We do have to figure out the transportation issue and the issue of switching her from her walker to her wheel chair. They both have the traction pulley system attached so she is able to switch between the two.

I am going to a Women of Faith conference Friday night and Saturday, but we should be able to check her out of the hospital on Saturday and come home on Sunday.

She will go back to have the Halo removed the 1st of October. Then they will cast her torso for 6-8 weeks. Also, that week Owen will have a hand surgery. He is very excited that he gets to sleep in the hospital :o) He has been waiting for his turn!! If we can squeeze it in, Rylea will have surgery to correct her club feet! Sound like a busy fall to me!!



Jill said...

Oh my girl! You are BUSY BUSY BUSY, and it doesn't look like thigs are gong to lift up anytime soon! Prayers for a happy healthy next couple of months!
Hugs, Jill

thatgirlblogs said...

I am so glad you are headed to the women of faith weekend. you were so ready for a break!

have a blast. xoxo

Sharon and Michael said...

You are one of my heroines. I wish I was closer to you to at least give you a breahter every now and then. I'll keep praying for all of your babies and their needs.