Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am a bit overwhelmed with that number!

Do you want to know why??

That is the number of times per week that one of my 6 younger kids will have
therapy!! 5 of them will receive Speech Therapy 2 times per week, 5 of the will receive Physical Therapy 2 times per week and 5 of them will receive Occupational Therapy 2 times per week!!


That is a LOT of appointments!! I'm not exactly sure how
I will do it! I may have to take up residence there. So far they have not scheduled 2 or more kids at a given time! But.... we haven't got them all scheduled yet. We should have a schedule by the end of the week! So, if you wonder why I am not on FB or blogging....I am probably sitting the waiting room on the 3rd floor!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pop Star Pink.... the color of Rubea's new power chair!! This thing is AMAZING!! I just know it is going to be great for her!! She will finally have some independence!! We are over the moon excited for her!!!!! Pretty fancy don't you think???

I just can not believe the technology of this awesome ride! She can put the seat all the way to the floor enabling her to join in *circle time* at school with her friends.
Or, she can raise it up to be at eye level with her friends and siblings! This allows her to be at their level while going down the hall or taking a walk.

Check out her name on the back of the seat!! :-)

She can lay back and take a nap!! Of course she probably never would!!

I love that she is at the same height as Ethan when she raises the seat up!!

She is learning how to use the buttons. She is really catching on and learning how to get around in her environment. She LOVES the independence. Until now she completely relied on us to move her, position her, etc. She has a manual chair, but is not strong enough to move herself around. I fear in a month that she will be able to run from us!! lol

This is her first venture out of the house with it. It goes fast enough that the kids have to run to keep up with her. In the house we slow it ALL THE WAY DOWN!! She has had such a great time outside *running* with the kids!! We are truly blessed to have such great insurance so our kids can have the equipment they need to be successful at being independent!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


$200.00 for gas (1100miles)

$75.00 for snacks

$37.00 for candy

Witnessing a mom meeting her son and daughter for the first time....PRICELESS!!

Our first sighting


I am so excited that I was able to witness first hand my friend Vickey meeting her new son (13) and her new daughter (11) for the first time!!

Getting to know eachother

The transition was smooth and the bonding is going great!! These two kids are very resilient, bright, funny, loving and so very trusting!


As long as I live I don't think I will fully understand how an adopted child is able to trust their new family and be so adaptable! These kids are no exception. They were excited to meet their new family and went with us without ever looking back!!

Things are going BEAUTIFULLY!!! All the kids are all thrilled to have eachother and mom & dad are having a blast getting to know the newest memebers of their family!!

~Sisters forever~

Congratulation Coupland Family!!!

We love y'all