Friday, August 14, 2009

Look at her now!

This thing is HUGE!!!
There is no stopping her :o) She is up and running. Well, maybe not running, but she has has a walker and is on the go! She doesn't look too thrilled but was happy this morning when I talked to her on the phone!
The anesthesiologist came in this morning and talked to John. She wants to have a trach put in because she was unable to intubate her for surgery.....YIKES!! Since the surgery was short they just kept her on a mask....but for future more involved surgeries that will not work. I have talked to my 2 experts (aka my 2 nurse sisters) they say *NO*!!!! So, I guess unless the docs at the hospital can give us some really good reasons why we need to go that route, we will be declining that offer for now!
That's the 411 for now!!




lorihays said...

I'm liking the updates Carla - good job! But I'm not sure what to think about a trach - yikes! Some of our kiddos and their problems are just complicated! But if anyone can figure out the right thing to do for her kids, it is YOU! I have full faith you will make the right decision! Hugs coming your way from Kansas and all the Hays gang!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh my goodness what a contraption that is! Oh the stories she will be able to tell!!! Glad all is well!