Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time A L O N E

Home at last...time to nap!!

11:00 am ready to go! Too cute!!

6:30 am....ready to go! Still a little sleepy!!

Tomorrow John will go back to work and I will have a few hours alone each day!! HEAVEN.
He admitted after having all 8 kids this weekend while I was at the Women of Faith conference that he has a much easier job than me! LOL He mentioned yesterday that if he had known the first day of school was going to be so *busy* he would have gone to work!! HA! It was nice having him home to help out though! He is glad to be out of the hospital and home!!

The school was not prepared for Kaylea to arrive yesterday. Transportation was not ready for her, either. She told me this afternoon the kids like to watch her spin! LOL I am grateful they are not scared of her and that they accept her with all of her issues. I'm am praying that if she does infact have the trach put in, that her transition back to school will be smooth. We still have not decided about the trach yet.

So, this year I have a Junior, Sophomore, 5th grader, 4th grader, 2 2nd graders and 2 in PPCD which is the pre-school program for children with disabilities (they go 1/2 a day). I am certain this will be a very busy school year because they are also participating in JROTC, Marching Band, speech therapy 1 time a week (they are pushing for 2 times) OT and PT, Art Club, Latin Club, Orienteering and we have at least 5 surgeries planned and a trip to Disney World planned!!!!

There will be no time for boredom!!



Jill said...

You must be one of thise moms that thrives on being busy! I still cannot wrapmy mind around 2! LOL!
Everyone is lookin' good!
Hugs, Jill

Sharon and Michael said...

I just love your family. I am sure Kaylea and all your children light up the school with their personalities. We have tons of therapies for the boys and speech several times a week for girls. The only one here going through repeated surgeries is one girl. I feel for you and all those hospital stays. That's hard work to stay there so mcuh.