Thursday, August 13, 2009


Her 1st time in traction! Don't think she is very happy! :o)
Kaylea is already up and in traction! She got her IV out, too. They are just giving her pedialyte through her G-Tube. She had a rough recovery this afternoon, but is doing well now. I think it was because I am not there with her! LOL This is the first time I have not been there for a surgery, so it has been hard, on both of us!!
Grandma and Grandpa spent most of the day with her and daddy! Grandma, of course, came with new clothes for her! See, her mom (me) didn't know the pins would be so long and didn't allow for that in the clothing that was packed! OOPS!! Oh well...we'll take new clothes any day.
Do you think the school will allow her to wear halter tops?? HA!

Good Night!!


Jill said...

Bless her heart. This picture brought tears to my eyes. Although this will make life easier in the long run, it is still hard to watch a child go through....
What a brave and strong girl! I am so proud of her! Hope she continues to improve!
Hugs, Jill

Robyn said...

Hi Carla!! Good to see Kaylea up!! I should have warned you about the shirts and pj's. We had to cut Reed's pj's down the back and sew them up. We also use LOTS of button up shirts!! Try bringing her shirts up from her feet....we can get things on that way!! Email with any questions....I feel like I am a traction expert! LOL after 3 months!! Robyn