Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

Isn't she B E A U T I F U L ????
John and Kaylea are safely at the RMH. They will only be there one night as Kay will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow and they will stay the night there! They have a FULL day of appointments tomorrow to get her ready for surgery on Thursday. The surgery will not be too complicated or traumatic, I don't think....unless 4 screws in your head is traumatic! ? Ok, so maybe a little traumatic for her. The contraption she will be in is a bit barbaric to me! So, due that, I'll only be posting the pictures and in depth updates on the Rylea & Rubea blogspot. If you do not know the address and would like to know and be invited, please leave me a comment or send me an email. We have no clue what time the surgery is on Thursday, but I will update here when I find out. I will also post some generic updates here as well. This is all in preparation to straighten a very curvy spine :o) Over a year ago her curve was 87˚ so I am sure it is worse now. Thanks for any and all prayers!! We are hopeful that this will lessen the stress on her right lung and her stomach and that she will gain an appetite and some weight! She is still at 30-31 pounds and will be 9 in 2 weeks!!



Tracey S. said...

I would love to follow the Rylea & Rubea blogspot. I have too have Arthrogryposis like your Owen & Kaylea.

lorihays said...

Thoughts and prayers from the Hays crew to Kaylea and John and Mom at home with the rest of the gang! Please keep updating!!!!!!!!

alison said...

Yes....she IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Robyn said...

Hey Carla, I would love to follow your other blog with more in depth updates! If you would send me an invitation. Reed's curve was 120 degree when we brought him home and just at 157 degrees when we started traction!! Two weeks ago he was at 72 degrees in traction!! Traction really is amazing!