Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ready for bed....
Kaylea had tests run, pictures and video taken, appointments with doctors, fitting for her wheel chair and walker, and a bath! Her surgery is scheduled for 11am tomorrow! It is suppose to be a fairly short surgery and recovery. We are hopeful that this will work for her and give her relief in her right lung. I have read a couple of blogs today of children who have been through this or are going through this same procedure now. They are doing GREAT!!! After I get some pictures of her and hear how she is doing, I will probably go ahead and post here.
Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!!



alison said... looks like Kaylea is thinking "come on Dad...let's just blow this joint!"

lorihays said...

Please keep updating your blog - the Hays crew is following closely! Love to all of you and big hugs to Kaylea on her big day!