Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where did I leave off??

Master Phaken!!!
Making the little chick *chirp* I showed him once and that is all it took!!!!
At the board meeting, before he got sick....poor baby!!
Joe Cool aka Note with the Hamburgular??
His new toy...BARBIE'S friend! LOL He says he is saving it for Kaylea!! Likely story....

I wasn't suppose to be taking pictures at the Coach store, but you know me.....the Rebel! I risked my life for my sisters and daughter!! hahahaha

I think I'll share our experience at the orphanage yesterday....
We went back to take our donations and visit with Phaken. 
He is a little boy that we really wanted to adopt, but, 
realized that we needed to find a family for him, instead! 
Luckily we found an awesome family and we will get to visit him
and watch him grow up! He has arthrogryposis, the same disability
that Kaylea and Owen have! Just like my 2 he is bright and 
NOTHING stops him! 
Thankfully he is going to a home where 2 of his siblings also have
AMC (arthrogryposis) So, this is nothing new to this family either!
This little guy was so much fun to play with. We played for 2 hours.
His family is going to have soooooooo much fun with him! 
I laughed and giggled so much yesterday! 
Apparently the volunteer took him and another child to the 
developmental doctor one day.  She had another volunteer with her
to help out. Phaken had his turn with the doc, so he was sitting 
in the back of the room with the volunteer. 
The doc was asking the other child questions (you know, 
to see what they knew) and Phaken is sitting in the back of
the room giving the answers before the other child had a chance!!! LOL

We have just been hanging out for the past 24 hours. We had to cram so much in
the first few days, I think we wore Note out. He has been tired. Plus, he is still not
feeling well. But he is a trooper! I think we'll head out to the night bazaar again
tonight. We need to do some shopping!

Until tomorrow........

Carla, John and Note


girl of 1000 blogs said...

OK, Coach? So what did you buy?

I opened this post and it's 3am here, so I assumed you adopted an "extra" when I saw the first photo! Would not surprise me one bit.

Sorry to read that Note isn't feeling well. Hope he's over that soon... as in NO BARFING on the plane ride home!

Yoli said...

Beautiful children and one lucky Momma. Love your blog. Found it via the crazy girl with 1000 blogs.