Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We are still here......

Tuesday after the posts and pictures I graciously provided, we took Note to the hospital for his medical exam. This is required for the Visa back to the U.S. We were waiting and started talking with an older gentleman from Austrailia. Turns out, he was a volunteer at the Viengping orphanage where Ethan *Fong* is from! He remembers him and has lots of pictures to share with us when he gets back to Chiangmai!! WOO HOO!! He couldn't believe how different he looks now! He was such a nice man. I got caught up on all the gossip in Chiangmai! For those of you know who Brooke is, she is doing great!! That was so nice to hear. Of course John and I are really wanting to move there in a couple of years when he retires! Better start preparing now.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was our board meeting....of course Note (the offical spelling) being so old, we were next to last! was hot waiting. No A/C in an office building just sitting and waiting! Until our turn to meet with the board...then it was FREEZING!!!! Of course, they want to know WHY we want another child, what our plans for school for him are, plans for me working, what is going on with Kaylea and Ethan, who was keeping them, etc.... This time they did NOT ask us if we would be willing to adopt another Thai child. I guess we are done here! Now 2 countries won't allow us to adopt...that SHOULD tell me something!! lol

For those of you who have or are adopting.....I got us completely through the immigration/visa process on my own!! Go Carla!! That is no easy feat. If you will be adopting from Thailand, I will be writing up step by step instructions, complete with addresses in Thai. I will be selling them for $1000. let me know if you'd like a copy!! Ok, just kidding, I'll happily mail them to you for FREE!!!

I need to sign off now and head over to pick up my prize...the VISA!!

We'll post pictures later on this afternoon when we go chill at Starbucks!!

Yes, Girl, I will get you a Bangkok mug.......we got ours 5 years ago, but they still look the same.



hayslori said...

Whew! My blog withdrawal symptoms are starting to subside after your post! Thank you!! Sounds like things are going well. After all you've been through the past few years, I seriously think you could start your own adoption agency!! :-) Good to hear from you - keep posting - now I'm waiting anxiously to hear about little Tai!!! Love you guys - blessings on your wonderful family!!! Lori and crew

girl of 1000 blogs said...

He seems pretty traumatized... NOT! He is so happy! Can't wait until he gets home.

I am starting to entertain the thought of visiting you one day. I want to witness the chaos.

Be safe!

mom 2 many said...

Girl....the chaos is a blast! You'd be in the corner, though!! LOL no, I think you could handle it! Benn would be in heaven but poor Cat may not! Come on down...
we have Sea World to offer, oh and the Alamo! Who could forget the Alamo??