Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not's 11th Birthday!!

Well, since Not was not able to be with us yet on his birthday in

January, we held a little party in his honor! I changed the

header with some pictures of that time.

We will have big celebrating to do in a week when we finally

have him in our arms!!! It is hard to believe that he

will be with us in just about a week. It is now Monday morning

in Thailand!!! Who's ready to go???? WE ARE!!!!!!!!


hayslori said...

Okay, you are just getting too good with this blogging stuff!! I'm impressed!!!! Now are you going to keep this up on your trip to get Not?????? You go girl! Can't wait to share your trip!

girl of 1000 blogs said...

I'm ready with my stowaway bag!

Happy birthday, Not(e)!

Kandi said...

You amaze me! What an inspiration you are!! I pray it goes well with your trip and your newest addition to your family! Hugs!