Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Science Fair Projects....

I am shocked that my kindergartner, 1st grader and 2nd grader
are all 3 required to participate in the Science Fair at school.  
I don't think I EVER participated in a Science Fair.  
Probably a good idea though, since I caught my hair on fire 
in 9th grade!  

So, we cheated and all 3 kids did the same project.  
They checked to see what sinks and what floats.
It was funny to hear what they though would float!!  
They had lists to choose from and on one list it had *Texas Symbols* 
and *Maps & Globes* as a choice for a science project.  
I have no clue how you make a science fair project out of 
one of those two subjects! ;-)  

I'll post pictures of their boards when they finish....

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girl of 1000 blogs said...

We have escaped the dreaded science fair so far, but I think it's coming soon for our middle schooler.

Can't wait to see pics...