Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The rest of the story....

Mime at the weekend market

weekend market

weekend market

mmmm.....pig stomach!

Suda and Note

So, we did get our Visa Friday afternoon! We did some shopping and lounging around on Saturday. We hit the Night Bazaar Saturday night. Sadly, we did not buy much this trip.  
Good for us, though! We just didn't find much...

Sunday we went to lunch and to the *weekend market* with our friend Suda.
She was one of the Thai workers at the small orphanage Kaylea and Note
were in.It closed about 18 months ago. She was such a doll to take us 
shopping and spend time with us.It was good for Note to have that 
closure, too! She spent time talking to him and explaining a few things
to him for us. She brought a bunch of his papers, updates, pictures, etc from
CCC and then a photo album they made for him and some extra pictures
from a trip he took. We feel so blessed that so many people loved him
and had so many pictures of him for us. I know when he is older, he will
appreciate so many pictures from his past.

We checked out of our hotel at 3:35 am on Monday and headed for the
airport. Note loved the first flight to Tokyo. The next flight he couldn't 
seem to get comfortable and was a bit restless. The last flight he slept 
all the way home.  

The kids were at the airport waiting for us! They seemed to overwhelm
Note, for about a minute. He and Ethan are big buddies now.  They all 
finally went to bed about 2am. Dad let them jump on the trampoline at
midnight... ;-)  I am certain that is what wound them up for the next couple
of hours!! Note and Ethan BOTH slept in their own beds....that is a
big accomplishment for Ethan!  

Today, daddy has the boys getting hair cuts... Note is happy! 
We are all happy!!
Love from the Lamberts,
John, Carla, Johnathan, Emilea,
Note, Ethan, Kaylea, Owen & Rubea


sh-sh said...

Looks so fun... I'm glad he's fitting right in. And, are you keeping his name? You seem attached to it already!

Elle said...

Wow...how exciting.Congrats. I just found your blog and would love to ask you some questions about your experience. We are interested in Thai adoption and I haven't been able to find many people who have adopted from Thailand. We're a military family too.

mom 2 many said...

email me and we'll chat.