Thursday, March 13, 2008

He melts my heart...

Immigration and visa paper work.......
Joe cool.....while we are making copies.......
Playing with his gum......ugh........
Night bazaar.........
Daddy and Note.....(he tries to dress like daddy!)

.......everytime I hear him say *mama* He has such a timid little vioce! 
I am sure it will not last, but for now is very sweet. 
He giggles at everything, too! Or, at least he is today.

I forgot to mention before that he vomited several times yesterday 
in the taxi on the way to the embassy. After all of our running around 
we went back to the hotel and slept.  He seems much better today. 
We are done with most of our work.We just need to pick up the VISA! 
Apparently there was a *malfunction* with the internet and the email 
to D.C. did not make we did not get the Visa today. 
Especially now that we finally have a ticket for him.

Oh, and of course we will be going back to the orphanage tomorrow to take 
CANDY to the kids and of course the donations. 
But, handing out candy is the BEST part! 
I could do that every day!! It is so much fun to play with the kids.
I will get to visit 1 on 1 with my favorite little Phaken. 
We tried to get Thailand to allow us to adopt him and Note at the 
same time....until we were approached about Rubea. 
We knew she was meant to be ours, so we told them we would
only be adopting Note. We didn't have much of a chance anyway. 
However, my very dear friend is adopting him and she sent me to 
Thailand with a complete wardrobe for this baby, complete with a 
memory card for my camera to fill with pictures and video. 
So, we will be meeting him tomorrow around 10 am.......LORI!!
(give Leo a hug from us...we are thinking of him!)

Ok, boys are restless, so I guess we are off to do some more shopping on the streets!!

Good Night from Bangkok!


hayslori said...

I can see from the pictures why he melts your heart! He melts mine all the way over here! LOL! Can't wait for your visit to the orphanage tomorrow!!! You are surrounded with thoughts and good wishes!! Sounds like things are going well - well, as well as they CAN with an international adoption! LOL!
Lori and family and a nervous little Leo waiting for surgery tomorrow!

Marjorie said...


I love following your blog. Note is very handsome. I can absolutely see why he melts your heart. :)