Monday, March 10, 2008

I can post now!!

I finally figured out the Thai on blogspot! Thanks Lori for posting for me yesterday!

Not is doing GREAT!! He is so much fun!! It is nice having one a little older. He can eat

on his own, brush his own teeth, WALK ;-), get the picture! He always has a smile.

Of course at the orphanage, he wouldn't have much to do with us. Now that we are on our

own, he is holding our hand, trying to communicate, and playing. He is loving watching

cartoons. He and Ethan will get along great!!

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hayslori said...

Okay, Carla, now that you can post, you're going to have do better than this!! Details, girl, details - and oh, did I mention, PICTURES?!?!??!!?!? Love from Kansas! Lori