Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hays Family!

This was my idea...LOL
Cute girls!!
Fun in the water at the park.
Joe Cool....I mean, Note.
Lori with the 11 kids.

Some thought it was easier to go through the window!
Just hanging out
We are BEST BUDS!!
True friendship....she is pushing the button, he is drinking!

Still the BEST of friends!!!
Such a CUTIE!!!
All the younger ones....little man on the side couldn't get his cast wet.
The *older girls*

I met Lori through a yahoo group for people with Arthrogryposis (AMC) about 3 years ago. We emailed back and forth about AMC, our children, adoption, etc. I joined the group because we were adopting Kaylea. Lori has a daughter with the same condition and was in the process of adopting a boy from Eastern Europe with the same condition. During this time we found our Owen he also has AMC. After bringing Kaylea home we found that our agency had a baby listed who also had the same condition. Lori and I went back and forth trying to convince the other, they should adopt this baby! Long story short, The Hays Family, will be his new family!!  
I am telling you this because this family is awesome!! I finally got to meet MOST of them this weekend. Lori and 5 of her 7 children met up with me and 6 of mine! We had such a great time getting to know them. Playing, laughing, swimming, eating and shopping! We went cheap, but had a blast! Needless to say, my gang feels the need to move to Kansas to be near Miss Lori and her kids!!  Lori and I have followed each others journeys through adoptions and surgeries for the past 3 years. We email or chat almost daily. We feel blessed that we were finally able to meet them and hug them! We will be getting together again.....and both of us will have at least 1 more child to bring!  Thank you Lori and kids.....we had an awesome time!!  Let me just mention to the world....It is not nice or cool to steal a wheel chair ramp! I consider that to be in very poor taste. Yes, someone did steal Lori's wheelchair ramp. Little man could not use his power wheelchair, because we couldn't lift it out of the van!!!
Enjoy the pictures!


hayslori said...

What a CUTE bunch of kids! Ardmore, Oklahoma will never be the same though! LOL!!! We had a blast! Can't wait to do it again!!! Next time we have to bring the really big kids and husbands - can't have them miss out on all the action (OR the Super 8! Ha!).

ThatGirl said...

Fun fun fun. I have the wheelchair ramp, I'll return it next week. What, you didn't see me hiding in the bushes?

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

What fun!! Don't you love doing things with other big families? They are never shocked at how many kids you have:)

Chelley said...

Oh I have read about the HAYS family they are such an inspration to me!!! How cool you got to meet them