Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Leap of FAITH!

***This little blurb is from Shelly....please help her to meet her own challenge....
Each morning I wake up and the first thought that pops into my head is, "I should be in Ethiopia." It makes no sense, I get that. The Mayor's only reservation is the expense. So, I challenged myself. I thought -- Just take a leap of faith and see if you can raise the Application Fee of $250 by your 4oth birthday on August 8th. Then, take it from there. If you really don't adopt again, it's easy enough to reimburse everyone's money by paypal and no one's the worse for wear.

Some dear friends have decided to *Take a Leap of FAITH* and adopt a child from Ethiopia. We met when I traveled to China for Rubea. They were with us the entire trip as they were adopting a son from the same orphanage as Rubea. She has had an urge to adopt from Ethiopia for some months, they have decided to try and raise the fees by her birthday! If you feel LED to help them in some small or large way, please click on the *Chip In* on my side bar or visit her blog here.

Blessings to each of you!!


redmaryjanes said...

I love the Shuey's. They are a beautiful family!

mom 2 many said..., too!!!

ThatGirl said...

who loves the Lamberts?


ThatGirl said...

someone I've never heard of just donated $50!

Kim said...

I just went through to catch up on your blog! I love the pictures! Thank you so much for your comments and prayers- They mean so much to me! I pray that we will be with our Cate soon. I hope all is well with you! Love, Kim

mom 2 many said...

I hope you are with Cate soon, too!! I'll never forget the first time I saw her picture! Perfect little round face and 2 ponies..PRECIOUS!!

redmaryjanes said...

Did I forget to send you the shower graphic for Lucy Joy? If so, I apologize. I am scrambling to keep up with things lately.
I hope all is well with you guys!