Monday, May 5, 2008

Tomorrow is THE day

Kaylea gets her cast off tomorrow at 8 am! Tonight during her bath, she asked if she could come home and take another bath when we are done at the doctors office! She said she itches and she knows it is going to be *gross*. I guess she has been through enough surgeries and castings that she knows what to expect by now. Their is a pin in her thumb that they will remove in the office. They said she won't like it, but it will be quick! I am debating if I should give her some Tylenol 3 before we go, or just take it with me?!? I'll post the *after* shots tomorrow sometime. I am excited to see the results! 

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that girl said...

AJ has had pins removed and it's more of a "creepy" feeling than it is painful -- but if the Tylenol will relax her, I say go for it.