Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blue cast

Unfortunately they replaced the cast yesterday. The doctor told me after surgery that they would remove the pin and not put a new cast on....but, that didn't happen. The pin is still in and she now has a blue cast! I talked her out of PINK!! I also forgot to take my camera so I was only able to get pictures with my phone. IF I can figure out how to get them off the phone and on to the camera, I'll add them later. The stitches start at the bottom of her palm in the middle of her wrist and go up to knuckle of her pointer finger. Then she has a place on her finger where they did the skin graft, too! I am actually glad that they put the cast on because her hand doesn't look so good and she screamed when they were taking the gauze off! She is a little dramatic at times, too! She goes back in 3 weeks!!


that girl said...

three more weeks? ick!

I posted a video of Bennett losing his MIND on my ThatGirl blog. Rubea might enjoy viewing that one..

mom 2 many said... much for Sea least for her!! lol

I watched that! LOL hmmmm.... I think I'll show Rubea later...hopefully she won't scream!!!