Friday, May 23, 2008

Raffle Time!!!!!!!

We are fundraising to bring our 6th special needs child home by International Adoption. We also have three biological children, bringing our total to 9 children as of this adoption. Our entire family is so excited to be bringing Gia Han home from Vietnam to her forever family. Sadly, several families committed to this child and then backed out due to her special needs. Their loss is our wonderful gain, and this fundraiser will definitely help with our travel and adoption costs.

To enter the raffle, go to our ChipIn button in the right column of this blog. When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can purchase a raffle ticket for $10.
The camera will ship directly to the winner.

ChipIn options: If you would like to buy more than one magic number at a time, simply enter the total $ amount (ie $30 for 3 numbers). Do not worry that the 'quantity' is 1, you will receive a number for every $10 donation. I will email you as quickly as I can afterward with your number(s)!
I have emailed everyone who has donated so far with their number(s). If you have NOT heard from me, PLEASE leave a comment, I want to be sure I don't miss anyone! I am keeping a running list of numbers and donations so if you haven't heard from me, or forget your number, don't worry!
Some incredibly wonderful friends have asked about or posted about our fundraiser on their blogs. THANK YOU :) If you feel led to post about it on YOUR blog we would be very grateful.
I am so excited to have such a great prize to offer, and I look forward to announcing the big winner on July 1st 2008.
If for some reason we do not raise the money to cover the cost of the camera, we will void the raffle and refund all donations.

With all our Thanks!


ThatGirl said...

I'm in and it's posted on my blog RIGHT NOW. TheMayor wants me to tell you that you may want to add a disclaimer that if you don't make enough $$ to cover the camera, you reserve the right to void the contest?

Karen Sugarpants said...

I'm in too! Best of luck with your adoption! :)

Sheila said...

send by karen sugarpants! how exciting and a great cause!

Sheila said...

thats 'sent' ... not 'send'. but, you know what I meant. :D

Carolyn B. said...

Posted about your raffle on my site and also bought a ticket, thanks to a head's up from a friend on Twitter.

Best wishes!

Carolyn B said...

P.S. I suggest you add a Digg button to make it easier for people to Digg your story -- that could blow your blog traffic through the roof. Here's a link:

Ditto for any other social media. :o)

Carolyn B. said...

I started you out with your first Digg -- hope it helps with the publicity:

Mom of 5 said...

Hello -we are in the same boat - # 6 coming ...also SN. Want to win a Wii ??
Visit us-only 2 days left.

ThatGirl said...
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ThatGirl said...

ok, so I should have a total of four entries (4 numbers), one for each kid... I just submitted it to digg and then went to digg and voted for it so hopefully you'll get more exposure. Also put it out there on twitter and I will get it on kirtsy today. Good luck!

ThatGirl said...

entries #5 and 6 just sent today. one per family member:)