Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here we GROW again!!!

We are adopting again!!  I know I said our baby was our last, but, their is a precious little girl who had several families commit to her, only to back out. She was going to be with out a mommy or daddy, no brothers or sisters....God let us know in many ways that WE were her family! So, paperwork is on its way and we are once again preparing for a new little one. She is exactly 10 months older than our baby girl. They will be the best of friends.  Our journey this time will take us to Vietnam! We are all very excited to be welcoming our last child....we think!  God could have other plans for us!!   ;-)


ThatGirl said...

I'm happy to help with the raffle. Let me know what kind of camera you have and I'll create a "button" for my blog etc. I can post about it on twitter etc. Just let me know the amount per raffle ticket, when you're leaving/deadline etc.

Amie said...


Thanks for stopping by our blog. I have not had time to look through many posts, but am excited to see that you have been blessed for a 9th time. WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your BIG BEAUTIFUL Family!

Hopefully I will see you are around more!


Christine said...

Congrats! Hope you bring her home soon!

Barbie said...

Congratulations!! What a blessed girl to have parents that are following His call.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited to see Gia Han has a home. We have been following her since 2006 when we went to the orphanage she was at and adopted out little girl the same age. We were so touched by your little one, when I walked by she grabbed my dress. I asked what her name was and talked to her for a little bit. Gave her a toy we had brought with us and then found out that she was the same age as our little girl Ava, that was born 2-1-05. Please email me so I can tell you more. God bless you, Our email is Take care and I can't wait to hear from you. Stacy