Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The longest six weeks

The pin is holding her thumb in place.
So many stitches for such a little hand!!!

The pin was about 2 inches long!!

Kaylea finally got her cast removed yesterday along with the pin! Yikes!! They did it right there in the office. She kicked the doctor sufficiently! ;-)  It took 4 of us to hold her down. I'm glad they didn't re-cast her, I have 3 little boys that threatened to go *beat up the Dr.* if they did!! lol  It is getting hot here, and they want to swim!! 
The doctor told us to come back in six weeks to discuss and schedule her next surgery....we won't go back until the end of August.  No casts during the summer...that is the new rule!! 


Christine said...

Oh my. Please share what happened. Probably looks worse than it is, but oh poor baby.

Also, can you share more about Gia and her special needs? We are adopting a little boy with special needs from Ukraine.

ThatGirl said...

poor girl! can't wait until this is over for her.