Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been TAGGED!

I have been tagged by ThatGirl!!   She added her own twist, and I like it! one-word answers.

Favorite person (outside family) YOU
Favorite food?
Quirks about you? don't sleep
How would the person who loves you most describe you in ten words or less?
Loving, caring wife and mom to 9 kids!! (his words, not mine ;-)
Any regrets in life? Few

Favorite Charity/ Cause? 
Phillip Hayden Foundation
Favorite Blog recently? 
From the Trenches of Adoption
Something you can’t get enough of? laughter

Worst job you’ve ever had? babysitter
What job would you pay NOT to have? babysitter
If you could be a fly on the wall, where?
Favorite Bible verse right now? Proverbs 3:5-6
Guilty Pleasure? b
Got any confessions? n
If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it?
Favorite thing about your house? neighborhood
Least favorite thing about your house? c
One thing you are bad at?
 social situations
One thing you’re good at? o
If you could change something about your circumstances, what? nothing
Who would you like to meet someday? Jesus
What makes you feel sexy? ????
Who is your real life hero?  Marissa
What is the hardest part of your job? p
When are you most relaxed? p
What stresses you out? LOL

What can you not live without? noise

Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists?
didn't read it ;-)
Why do you blog? contact

I am tagging:
New Bloggers: Momma of 3 Boys

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