Sunday, October 11, 2009


Kaylea had her trach placed on Thursday. Life has been, well, um, busy! She was suppose to have her first trach change Monday or Tuesday so we could go to Scottish Rite for her next surgery on Thursday. Well, as is normal with Kaylea, she had some complications! Unfortunately she is facing a possible second surgery here at Children's before she can be released to Scottish Rite. We will not know the details until at least Thursday!!

She is, however, doing absolutely wonderful! She is even trying to talk! She is still bossy, even without a voice! Everyone should watch out. I am sure she is bored and I know she is uncomfortable.

John and I are taking turns staying at the hospital with her and the other at the RM House with the little girls. My parents are taking care of the rest at home! So, for now things are good. The staff and volunteers at the RM House are all fantastic!

We were given tickets to the Mavericks vs. Memphis game tonight. Thankfully my sister, Karen, is able to come and sit with Kaylea and John's parents are watching the babies.

Thanks for checking in on us....



Sharon and Michael said...

Praying for you all and for sweet Kaylea. Such a trooper. I'd be bossy too if I had to endure all she does. :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sorry to hear she is having complications, but glad to hear she is doing such a good job and maintaining her Little Miss Bossy Pants title!!!

Keep us posted.