Friday, January 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We finally made it home yesterday with Rubea. Kaylea came home on Wednesday evening and is doing amazingly well. I am having a very difficult time keeping her still and calm. She wanted to play kick ball yesterday with Grandpa. Today she was rolling around on the floor with Rylea, who is almost the same size!

Rubea, however, is having a difficult time with pain. There were some complications that will likely require yet another surgery in 6 weeks. So, I have been trying to keep her comfortable since we have been home. It is difficult to move her without hurting her. It just breaks my heart!! 

Both girls had their teachers come today for some home bound schooling. Rylea had a blast participating in school with Rubea. She may end up in school in a couple of months after all. It is only 3 hours a day and she really enjoyed all the singing!!  We’ll see once we get the girls back into school.

Have an awesome weekend….we are only hanging out!!



Jill said...

Prayers for all your girls tonight.
Hugs, Jill

lorihays said...

You deserve to hang out after the week you've had! Whew! Sure glad to hear you're home for some much needed rest and respite!!! Hope that Rubea will continue to heal and the pain gets better!

Hugs from the whole Hays family in Kansas!!!!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Welcome home!!