Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random pictures....

Girls playing....
Rylea getting a ride on her horse named daddy!
She refused to take that hat off ALL DAY!!
Both passed out at once!! So sweet :-)
Kaylea a couple days after surgery! :-)
The cap that shampoos hair and you don't have to rinse! Rubea did NOT like it, it may have been too hot!!
Johnathan going to his JROTC Military Ball.
Being serenaded!  LOL
Grandma & Grandpa are HERE!!!
Jackson's 12th Birthday!
Rylea and Rubea in the plane :-)  Sweet sisters!
Owen loving the merry-go-round!
Rylea....look in the mirror!
Rubea LOVED the merry-go-round...a few months ago she would have screamed!! Rylea taking it all in :-)
Ethan FINALLY tall enough to drive the go carts!  But couldn't see over the steering wheel :-)


Our 7 Blessings from God said...

What wonderful pictures!! I love looking at your kids smile, makes me smile right along with them:) You have some real beauties!

lorihays said...

LOVE the pictures! Keep posting them!!! What a great bunch of kids! Can't wait to get them together with the Hays gang!!!