Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rubea Update!!

I am home...I needed some rest.  I only got naps last  night.  In the PICU they come in every hour to give meds, check tubes, suction the mouth, take her temp, check her vitals, and everything else they do. Of course, this takes half an there was little sleep for mama. Oh yeah, plus the put in a NG tube, which didn't go well. Then they had to come in and x-ray to check the placement.  Then by 4:45 am they came in to get her ready for a CT scan.  She is doing ok. She needed a new IV placed and they tried in about 6 places. They couldn't get it. It broke my heart that she was so sedated, but had tears. I tear up just thinking about it :-(  She is with her daddy tonight, so I can sleep knowing she is in good hands!!  I was so tired and emotional that I needed to come home. They tried to get in a PICC line, but they couldn't get that in either. So they settled for an IJ, which is essentially an IV in her neck.

While we were waiting to see her yesterday, we were in the PICU waiting room. I heard an ambulance and then a few minutes later they brought in a child. I noticed the mom had on a top from a set of scrubs with an Air Force emblem on  it.  I have no idea what happened with the little boy, but he is in the room next to Rubea.  They were taking him off life support tonight. So, if you pray, please say a prayer for this boy and his family. There was a waiting room full of people there. They were having him Baptized when I left. The staff at the hospital were gracious enough to let the entire family in for the event. What a blessed little boy to have so many there to say good bye.
****** UPDATE*******  We found out this little boy drowned. Very sad.

Thank you for the prayers....Rubea is doing well....
Carla, John & Rubea


Lisa said...

I hope that you can get some good sleep. Ethan's second night after his detether I had a nurse sit up with Ethan holding his hand all night so I could sleep.

I pray that the days and nights go quickly and she heals well.

hayslori said...

Carla, GET SOME REST! I'm not sure what's worse after your child has surgery - how you feel physically or how you feel emotionally! I just know it's exhausting! So let John take over and get some rest so you can recharge and head back ready to go again! Sure thinking of you and are with you in spirit even though we're miles away!

Lori and gang

ThatGirl said...

Oh, man stop making me CRY.

I love the Lambert family! Get rest, get better, we're all so happy to hear she is in recovery mode.