Sunday, September 7, 2008

Emilea's homework

She got a 100 on this assignment!!

I am from 
I am from the Air Force
Moving all the time
But this was my favorite
5th house in 5 years
I am from a big family
3 sisters, 4 brothers
2 sisters, 3 brothers from Asia
1 sister, 1 brother biological
I love every single one
I am from my Mother’s eyes
Wise and caring
Love and understanding
All that I need to know, I am blessed
I am from Jesus
Cross around my neck
Jesus in my heart
All that I’ll ever need


ME :-) said...

How beautiful! She is certainly wise ahead of her years.

mom 2 many said...

She wrote it on her own!!

ThatGirl said...

I love me some Emilea

redmaryjanes said...

The best post ever!

Lynn said...


Hey girl, how are you all doing? Any news on when you'll travel?

Beverly said...


Table for Six said...

I am so crying right now. How beautiful. wowowowowo

Debra said...

That poem is beautiful! Bless her little heart! Debra

Marjorie said...

wow. That is so beautiful. I'm speechless.