Saturday, May 2, 2009

Under Construction!

Please excuse my appearance :-) I am learning how to *Bling my Blog* I have to do this between holding the sick babies, chauffeuring the other 6 kids, dr. appts, preparing for my new job, laundry, cleaning, you know...all the *motherly* duties!!

It is a work in progress and I am having fun learning!!!

Have a BLESSED weekend!!



ourchinagirls said...


When do you have the time to start a new job? You already have a full-time job!


Marla said...

Yay, isn't it fun?!?! Can't wait to see it finished, I love that background paper! So pretty and springy.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Love the new background!! It almost looks like linen. Can't wait to see the finale!!!!

k1 said...

Carla, the clock from Kimberley's auction went in the mail tonight. Hope you get it soon.