Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making progress!!

Ethan at the Special Olympics bowling games!!!  His FAVORITE!!!

Owen's 8th Birthday!!!

All 9!!! Together at last!!!

Rubea enjoying a car ride???  Finally???

Rylea and her new glasses!!

It has been very busy around here....between me having meningitis & strep, a trip to Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas for Ethan, Kaylea, & Owen, awards ceremonies at school for Johnathan & Emilea, program at school for Rylea & Rubea, hubby's outrageous work schedule, Owen's 8th birthday, Special Olympics with Ethan and many IEP appointments for my many children.....I have been slow at getting this blog *blinged*!!  I have learned quite a bit and have had fun playing with all the elements!! Now if I could just finish it up, I'd be HAPPY!!!  

Enjoy the pics!!


Marla said...

WOW, you are busy! I'm tired just from reading all of that! :)

The blog is looking fabulous!

Ellen said...

Yeah...I love seeing pics of the kids.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Owen! Hope your family is feeling better now!