Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank you, Lanxi

I was given this Sisterhood award from Lanxi over at chinesetakeout!  I don't have a speech prepared...ha ha, but and thankful to Lanxi for passing this on to me!!  As of Tuesday she was still pregnant and overdue! YIKES!!  Stop by her place and leave her and encouraging work or a funny story...I've heard laughter can put you into labor!!  I am sure she could use the distractions!!  

Since she passed the award on to those who show great attitude and/or gratitude, I will do the same!  Soooo,  the first  Ellen at mommaof3boys she is one of my *real life* dear friends and always has a happy heart and attitude, even though she has 3 boys and NO GIRLS!!!!  Next is Marjorie at morethanahome  for having such a grateful heart, even with all she has been through in the past month!!! She continues to stay positive and thankful to the Lord for His provisions.  Last but not least is Lisa at thisishome for also having a loving attitude and grateful heart not only for her children but for all those children in her life!!  She always makes a point to ask about everyone and their kids, even when her plate is full with her own son and their upcoming move!!!

Stop by their blogs and get to know these deserving *Sisters*!!! They are all WONDERFUL WOMEN!!!



Lisa said...

You are one of the most gracious and amazing moms I know, the award is well deserved.

Thank you!

redmaryjanes said...

You are amazing and definitely deserve this award!