Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our weekend in pictures...

Saturday morning I went to the was luxurious!!  I think I deserve a visit with Rose at least once a month, don't you???  It was my first visit....did I mention it was luxurious??  Our oldest daughter, Marissa  was so sweet to get me a gift certificate for Mother*s Day last year.  I finally got the chance to go!!!  It was luxurious!!!!

Daddy took all 8 kids to a party/egg hunt at his squadron!!  I know I got the better deal!! lol But, he took pictures!!!  

Rylea and Kaylea....
Little boys with the bunny!!  Ethan looks so excited!! ha!
Owen....well, being OWEN!!
Rylea with headless Johnathan :-)
Poor bunny....he looks happy, though!

Then they came home and we dyed our eggs!  All 5 dozen!!!!  Rylea and Rubea really had fun and required very little assistance.

Rylea dying her very FIRST egg!!  Such a beautiful color, too!!!
Rubea, Daddy & Kaylea writing on the eggs before coloring.
Team work!
Typical Ethan *face*  The last egg.....

The *Bunny* showed up this year with 1 big gift. Mommy told him that she was tired of all the candy and *cheap* toys!!  So, he brought 1 great gift that all 8 will enjoy!!!

Trying to get a good picture after church....took about 20....none were great....

Then it was time for the *hunt*   Rylea and Rubea have been to 3 already this year, so they are almost pros by now!! 

Kaylea found some, but can't reach them!  BUMMER!! :-)  Luckily her big brother helped her out.
Jack....not sure what he is doing??!??! a run!  He is so stinkin' cute!!
Rylea guarding her bucket. She won't let ANYONE touch it!!
Ethan proud of all his eggs!!
Daddy helping Rubea look for eggs.
So, the gift from the *Bunny* was a snow cone maker with cups, holders, and syrups!  It was a huge hit!  They all had at least 2 today!  Hopefully it will be fun this summer when it is HOT!!

Rylea, Daddy and Rubea enjoying their snow cones
Owen, Kaylea, Jack and Ethan...with their cones
Johnathan still shaving ice!!!!

Rylea's favorite was rootbeer!
Rubea's was cherry!


Sally- That Girl! said...

What a sweet gift from your daughter!! Love all the pictures of your kids! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend celebrating our Risen King!

ourchinagirls said...

Looks like the Lambert house was the hoppin' spot this Easter! WOW! 5 dozen eggs! You go girl!


Ema said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! AND hearing that YOU went to the SPA!!! Could you have Marissa give MY family a little hint about that?!?!?! I'm sure the snowcone maker will continue to be a hit - sure the stains on the carpet will NOT! LOL!

Love from the Hays family!!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome Easter:) The snow cone maker sounds like a great gift. Wow- 5 dozen eggs, you're the egg master!

Ellen said...

That is stinkin' smart. The Easter bunny will have to be clever here next year as well. I love sno cones....can I come have some too? Rootbeer is my favorite!