Sunday, March 1, 2009


after surgery January 09

Jack's 12th Birthday (she and Jack were together at CCC in Bangkok)

Enjoying Rylea!!

Proving she is 42" Sea World after Christmas

Her 8th Birthday!!

Helping out her new friend, Leo!  
My 3 Thai's!!
Her 7th Birthday!!!
With her best friend from CCC in Thailand.  We surprised the girls by meeting at Chuck E. Cheese. (They are the same age!)
Kaylea, Ethan & Owen on Kaylea's adoption day in Delaware!
Meeting her at CCC in Bangkok!
From when she was a baby!
One of the first pictures we received of her!!
One of the first pics we received!

Kaylea has been apart of our family for 3 years!! It is hard to believe that she has ONLY been with us for 3 years!  I will never forget our time in Thailand with her and all of our adventures!! We took a taxi to visit her orphanage for the last time. I was nervous for her and for us. I was wondering what she would think saying good bye for the last time. Would she understand? Did she have the language skills to understand?  The taxi driver was near the orphanage, but wasn't quite sure the exact location. Kaylea stepped up to the plate! She was giving him directions in Thai and English! She was literally yelling at him to turn a certain way or the street was up ahead and then a word would pop out in English! She was so funny. Then she would tell us what he was saying under his breath!  On another outing to the mall, John had her in his arms looking for a restroom when she started yelling in Thai. A woman came running out of a shop and jabbering to them in Thai.  Apparently Kaylea was shouting that she had to *pee* and the woman came out to give them directions!!  She was quite proud of herself!! LOL

She has had a difficult time with attachment, but has blossomed over the past few months! She is a great student and amazing reader. She adores her baby sisters and tolerates her brothers!
She is very petite for an 8 year old, but don't let her fool you, she rules those brothers of hers!!
And they KNOW it!! 

She is FINALLY going to get her Titanium Ribs implanted in early April! We hope this will add a couple of inches to her 42" height. 

We love you Kaylea!!! Happy 3rd Gotcha Day!!!


Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Congratulations on your family day. What a precious little girl God has blessed you with. Love the stories from your trip! I can just picture he yelling she has to pee and a kind woman running to her rescue:) You have such a sweet and loving family.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Precious, precious, precious! All I can think of to describe her and you and your entire family!

lorihays said...

Love, love, love the picture of Kaylea and Leo! It brings pictures to my eyes every time I see it! These kids are such a challenge but such a blessing, aren't they?!?!? Your family is precious, precious, precious! Love you all to pieces!

Lori and family, including Kai!!!!!!

lorihays said...

I AM sleep deprived - my last post should have said "brings TEARS to my eyes" every time I see it! LOLOL!!!

ThatGirl said...

I love this post because Kaylea reminds me so much of Catherine and I know what a roller coaster ride the attachment thing can be. Today Cat said, "I love you Mom, you are my family." There are awesome days and then hard days. Crazy days. I love our kooky families.