Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ethan, Kaylea and Owen are going to camp! For a week! I am so excited for them!! They have asked me a hundred questions in the past few weeks about *our camp*!  They want to go ahead and pack now. Owen asks several times a week if it is time yet? Ethan just keeps saying he is ready to go ride the horses.  Kaylea  just keeps asking questions about the boys. She is such the little mama. I have been trying to reassure her that there will be adults there to take care of them! She is afraid Ethan will forget to take his medicine, or Owen might fall. She is such an AMAZING think the boys will ever realize that?? 
They will be attending a Lions Club camp for children in TX with physical disabilities and diabetes. They have all the typical fun things to do, too. They will get to swim (Owen is worried about having a life jacket), go horseback riding, do arts/crafts, sit around at the camp fires, have music, drama, play sports, etc.  Today we got their confirmation letters in the mail!! They are all so excited and ready to pack! LOL I am sure it will be a fantastic experience for them and so much fun going together. I am not sure what we'll do without them for a week....maybe enjoy some quiet time. :-)


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lorihays said...

Oh, Carla, I wouldn't want you to get bored or lonely while your kids are at camp, so I'll just send you some of mine to keep you company while yours are gone! How many do you want?!?!? :-) So happy for the little Lambert campers!

Lori and gang