Thursday, November 6, 2008

Short update...

The girls at the air show
Boys at the air show with my nephew, Joshua---glasses compliments of the Navy!
Sea World
Rubea just being the shoes??  Her shirt says *Daddy does my hair!*  lol

We have been so busy lately.  Between the going to Sea World for the Halloween fun, the Pumpkin patch, Fossil Rim ( a drive through Safari) Halloween party at daddy's squadron, and the base air show, we have been on the go for the past 2 weekends. AND, we are going home this weekend.  I am ready for a weekend home. We still haven't finished unpacking from our move in August!!!  Still no news on our I-600 approval from the officials in VN.  We are praying we will hear from them in next week or so!!  Feel free to say a prayer for us, too!  We want Rylea HOME!


Barbie said...

You have been busy!! You need a vacation from your fun. :-) Love all the pictures.

I will be praying for the I-600 approval. It is not fun waiting for the ONE piece of paper!

ThatGirl said...

Rubea! I like your shoes!!!

Jill said...

Sending some prayers your way!!
BTW..where DID you get that "daddy does my hair" t-shirt??? Awesome!