Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's talk respite care

Have you ever taken in a child for respite care? Or, sent your child to another family for respite care?

Did you know that respite care is an option if you have a child that is having a difficult time and it is disrupting the family and everyone needs a break??

I have learned that many people do not know about respite care. It can be a great resource during a difficult time. Personally we have had children come stay with us for respite care and we have sent one of our children to another family for respite care.

I have read blog, emails, yahoo groups, etc. about children being disrupted for various reasons. I wonder sometimes if the family got help before hand?? Did they know anything about respite care?? Would they have decided to disrupt if they had a chance to have a break from the child, a respite.

Respite care can be a way for a family to have time to reflect, pray, consider their options and decide what the best plan for the whole family would be.

It can be however long or short the family needs. Sometimes a weekend would be helpful and sometimes it may take months. It can be with a relative, trusted friend or willing family across the country.

Sometimes families reunite and live happily ever after, sometimes the families reunite and realize that it is not going to work, sometimes the family will decide during respite that it is not appropriate for the child to return at all. The respite family will often times adopt the child or help find an experienced family to adopt the child.

In our case, our child came home and things are good. The respite time gave us a chance to look at our family, the issues and make a plan for our family to reunite and help our child work through their issues. I am thankful that we were able to utilize this resource for our child and our family.

Feel free to contact me if you need respite care for a child. I know of several GREAT families that are willing to help!! Respite care might save your family!!!

Friday we are getting a young man for the summer and my kids are EXCITED!!!!



lorihays said...

Very wise words. The difficulties that can be experienced with some adoptions need to be addressed more openly, as do things that HELP, such as respite! Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Carla, You are just too cool. Is there anything you can't do? Thanks so much for the well wishes. To say we are excited is an understatement and to say I am scared and nervous about leaving my husband and girls is one too! Oh and catching all of our flights... and meeting back up with our luggage. But wow, we finally get to bring Cai home! Thanks for being such a great friend! Please keep us in your prayers! Love, Kim