Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY, Tet, Valentine's Day.....

Johnathan, handsome!!

Emilea, pretty girl!!

Jackson, looks so shy!

Ethan, just being himself!

Kaylea, cute as ever!!

Owen, look at those beautiful eyes!!

Rylea and her cute little mouth!!

Rubea, what a sweet smile!!

We did not do much on Sunday to celebrate all the holidays of the weekend....Rubea just had surgery on Wednesday and was not feeling well. The kids did get dressed in their outfits and let me snap a few pics of them though! It is funny, to me, that very few of them can smile naturally for the camera! Bless their hearts, they tried! I managed to get one of them all together, too!!

Or, should I say...I am posting the one that is the BEST of all of them together :-)

I cooked a huge meal with dishes from China, Thailand and Vietnam. They ALL ate like they hadn't eaten in a week. We made fried rice, Vietnamese stir fry, Thai lemon grass chicken and a chicken soup along with jasmine rice!!

Oh, and yes I realize my boys need hair cuts...they are letting their hair *grow out* Ethan looks like he is straight out of the 80's.

Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!!!


Kim said...

Hey! Your family is beautiful. Happy Chinese New Year! To answer your question- Hmmmm.. Cate thinks the idea of Cai is wonderful. And I'm sure she will be a wonderful big sis. However, I think she may be a little jelous of the attention. We will just have to work extra hard at giving extra love to Miss Cate! Keep in touch- Love, Kim

Sharon and Michael said...

How pretty ... the boys are so handsome. Great pics.

Keep us posted about your new addition to be.

Jennifer said...

Great Pics! I like Ethan's hair. Very retro.

Nikki said...

Your kids are adorable :)

Looking forward to designing your blog! Let me know if you have any questions or if you didn't get my email!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Absolutely adorable from youngest to oldest!!! You are one lucky mama!!!