Saturday, September 5, 2009

A late call...

I called the numbers that the doctor left for John on Wednesday, but was never able to reach a person with a pulse, so I finally left a message. The young man returned my call and let me know that the doctor did want to talk to us today, so he would page her and have her call my cell number. He assured me that she would call today! As I was getting the girls ready for bed, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, reading emails and listening to the news, my phone rang. It was a 214 number....I knew the doctor probably had a phone number with that area code. I glanced at the time it was 8:57 pm. She was apologetic, but didn't want us to have to wait until tomorrow to hear from her! Ok.... basically what she said is Scottish Rite is unable to manage Kaylea's airway. Children's is unable to meet her orthopedic needs. Her orthopedic doc is adamant about the trach being placed. She has decided to have a look at Kaylea's entire airway and make her decision based off those findings. So, that will be done in the first week or two in October. If she feels that Kaylea absolutely NEEDS the trach, then she will discuss with us her findings and we'll make a decision at that time. ( She feels like the trach will likely be a safer option for Kaylea due to the nature of issues that she has and the number of procedures she will endure in the next 12 -24 months.) Then the next week she will be moved over to Scottish Rite and have her Halo removed and her cast put on.
They actually have her scheduled for the same day Owen is scheduled to have his first hand surgery as Scottish Rite, so Kaylea's will be pushed back to October.



Lisa said...

Shriners had to go over all of Ethan's med records really closely to make sure there was no worries with anesthesia since they're a stand alone hosp. as well without an ER or anything. Luckily for us E didn't have any issues so now we're just waiting to hear when his appt. for surgery will be.
I pray for the best outcome for Kaylea and all of you.

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