Sunday, July 5, 2009


Poor Ethan....always anticipating the flash! lol
after the fireworks.....
Boys fighting to get OUT!!!
Rylea in her carseat....just so cute!!
Kaylea on our way to see the fireworks...10 minutes from home!

We had a very relaxing day today! We finished packing Johnathan and Emilea to leave for camp tomorrow!! They are going to CAMP ELECTRIC!!! They are beyond excited with a little nervousness thrown in just to make Em a bit sick to her stomach!! ugh....  Both are world travelers, but I think a bit nervous about flying alone! I was able to get direct flights, so it shouldn't be too bad!! I think once they are on the plane, they will be just fine. They are excited to meet some band members of their favorite Christian bands! I'm sure I'll have stories to report once they are home! 

The little ones spent most of the afternoon in the pool with daddy! Then we had steaks, cooked by daddy, and then off  to see some fireworks put on by Sea World! I was afraid Rylea would be nervous with the noise, but she was fine!! She kept pointing an oohing, ahhing and of course giggling. Of course all the others have seen fireworks, but they still enjoyed the show!!

Just want to say THANK YOU to all the men and women serving in our ARMED FORCES!! Especially those overseas and away from their families! My nephew is among those serving in the Middle East!!  We are very proud of you Ryan!!  Also, those men and women who are in the position of shaping, training, teaching and working with the new recruits!! You are all doing an AWESOME job!!!



lorihays said...

TOO cute! Love the little girls in their r,w&b! Good luck to the big kids at Camp Electric - I bet it will be an awesome experience for them! Can't wait to hear all about it!

The Hays family

Ellen said...

The kids are adorable as always. Saw on Facebook that Em & Jon were off to camp. I'm sure they're week will be awesome. I'm jealous! Chat with ya this week.