Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where I have been.....

Roses from Liz for our adoption day!!  So sweet!!!!

Playing in the sandbox
So busy "working",  she is drooling!
Working with her occupational therapist
Kissing Rylea!!

Busy.  I have been busy!  We had court on Monday to finalize Jackson's adoption, Rubea's re-adoption and Owen's adoption recognition!  We are thrilled that we were able to accomplish ALL three in one court date!  Our attorney is a gem!!  We sent her all the paperwork the week of Thanksgiving!!  I couldn't believe she got us in so quickly!

Next...guess who can *army crawl* now???  YUP!!  Rubea!  I am so proud of her!!!!  I'm hoping she will try to explore on her own, now.  Her p/t told me today the next step will be teaching her to get in and out of her bed on her own!!  Guess that means she'll be moving out of ours and getting a toddler bed to replace her crib!!  I think one step at a time.  First she has to go to bed without mommy or daddy!  lol

I also decided that since it is getting cooler here, I would rearrange Rubea's playroom and bring the sand box in the house!  Rubea is in heaven!!!  She has a blast in the sand box.  Because she can sit in there unassisted and play with both hands, she has a great time playing for hours.  It is good therapy for her, too.  I am hoping it will help to strengthen her arms and back.  

Oh!  And...trying to get all the trip arrangements for John to travel to VN to get Miss Rylea.
It looks like he will be leaving on the 2nd of January and returning the 15th!!  WOO HOO!!!! 
He should get her on the 5th!  
He will be missing a surgery, many doctor appointments (finally going to Scottish Rite in Dallas), our anniversary and most likely some puking and runny noses!!  He got the easy job!! 

We are truly blessed!!!!


Ellen said...

Hopefully there will be no puking while John is away... Be gone nasty puking germs...we rebuke you. I do believe that he is getting the better end of this deal. No work, scooting along on mo-peds, sight-seeing... yep he won!
Mama Nubs

Rhonda said...

Rubea looks fantastic!!!! I do think that John definately is getting the better deal.... Oh well. Soon he will be home with sweet Rylea and it will all be a distant memory. I can't wait to see her with her new family!!!



ThatGirl said...

Big girl! What a nice mommy to bring the sandbox in the house -- that will DEFINITELY make her back stronger.

Cannot wait to see Rylea in there with her someday ;)