Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Weekend

This weekend we made a very QUICK trip home, home is near Fort Worth, TX!  My nephew was home after his graduation from Marine boot camp, *Aim High*, Ryan!!!  Oh, that is the Air Force, *Semper Fi*, that's you!!  Anyway, while away a his basic training, he missed his high school graduation. He finished high school early. He also turned 19! So, there was a lot to celebrate this weekend!! We were thrilled to see him again!!! Congrats!!! You're AWESOME!!!!  
My kids were the cutest ones, there! lol  
Kaylea also got a couple of gifts because today is her 8th BIRTHDAY!!!!  I'm sharing a few pictures now and will add more after her celebration this evening. I did take her to a cute store in the mall on Sunday, called *Sweet & Sassy*  She got her hair shampooed, cut & styled.  Also, a mini mani and mini pedi. She was be-u-ti-ful for the party!! The boys enjoyed dancing on the *Cat Walk* and trying on crowns and wands!! 



Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!! Happy Birthday Kaylea!!! You look just beautiful:)

ThatGirl said...

Happy Birthday!

Marla said...

You were close to me!! I'm just south of Fort Worth. Looks like a blast, happy birthday to your big girl!!

hayslori said...

LOVE the haircut Kaylea! Too cute! As are the pictures!! What a great group, although I must admit, they also look like a BUSY group! Hang on for the ride Mom! Love you guys!!
Lori and crazy family

Rachel & Becca said...

Happy Birthday Kaylea!!! What a fun time to get pampered at the salon! You look beautiful!!! Becca says Happy Birthday too & wants to come see you soon. Also says hi to Not, she misses both of you very much.

Table for Six said...

happy birthday Kaylea! love the photos